How students access YouTube and other inappropriate sites by unblocking them

studentsIt wasn’t so long ago that there was a news story where some students had gotten in trouble for accessing some adult material in school. This left teachers and parents completely puzzled. How are they accessing this stuff if all schools employ web filters. It wasn’t till the IT manager of the school district was contacted. He was able to shed some light into the matter. They were using proxies. What are those? Glad you asked! If you click here you will see a site used to unblock youtube. These are called web proxies. They basically let users pop in a address they want to check out and it lets them view the site using the internet connection of the proxy server. This means they are able to access any site in the world. Just as it they had a wide open connection. Immediately the school districts IT department sprung into action and decided to ban all of the similar sites. However, there was one problem. Sites like unblock tunnel are created every single day. There is no way to be able to catch them all. So as time went on, kids still continued to access adult sites and other sites they were not supposed to. We suggest parents talk to their kids and let them know what they shouldn’t be doing. This is the ultimate solution. It is not right for kids to be watching adult content at school. Proxies are just one way kids are circumventing the system. There are many other ways getting through the system that haven’t been brought forward.

Male health products that can be ordered online that are natual

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Learning from porn

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Where to find some good free porn clips online

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The truth is everyone watches porn. The thing is some people admit that they do and others don’t. Adult videos are pretty hard to stay away from. Even women watch porn. You ever wonder why they are always trying to get the smart phones with the larger screens. Next post we are going to ask the guys here to ask their wives to see what kind of answers we get. I’m pretty sure they are going to question what does porno have to do with work.